Guests can now enjoy an immersive wellness experience in the comfort of their hotel rooms, thanks to a partnership between smart hospitality solutions provider Hudini and Three Sages, a wellness technology platform. 

Hudini has created digital platforms for the world’s leading hospitality brands, converging multiple touchpoints of the guest journey on a single, user-friendly interface. Using the Hudini platform, guests can complete self check-ins, enjoy in-room entertainment, place room service orders, and more. Through this collaboration, guests can virtually reconnect with nature, attain balance, and ground themselves by accessing Three Sages’ tailored programs via the in-room entertainment system. Three Sages’ signature is restorative routines conducted in the midst of nature, and guests can take their pick from a range of wellness content spanning yoga, stretching, breath-work, mindfulness and sleep practices.  

“This partnership offers guests more control over the hospitality experience,” says Prince Thampi, Founder & CEO of Hudini. “The Three Sages integration enables guests to enjoy world-class wellness routines in their rooms and at their convenience. This feature works equally well for business travelers who’d like to maintain a wellness routine despite a busy schedule, and leisure travelers who’d prefer to unwind at their own pace. It’s additions like these that make a guest’s hotel stay memorable and worth repeating.” 

Greg Commins, Co-Founder & CEO says, “We believe that everyone’s well-being journey is unique, so when guests access Three Sages in their hotel room via the Hudini app, they’re personalizing the wellness routine to an activity, time and place of their choosing. The partnership will make the hospitality experience more holistic, since a personalized wellness program will leave guests feeling happier and healthier.” 

About Hudini 

Hudini is the leading digital transformation platform for the hospitality industry. Powered by a 

proprietary middleware and an omnichannel (App, Web, TV) guest interface that leverages data + AI to increase guest engagement and hotel revenues, Hudini delivers an enhanced guest experience. Through its 100+ pre-built integrations across all functionalities, Hudini delivers personalized, immersive guest experiences that enable guests to communicate, control and interact with hotels closer than ever before. Working with over 400 hotels across 25 countries, Hudini is fast becoming the benchmark for digital transformation in the hospitality industry. To learn more about Hudini, visit 

About Three Sages 

Three Sages™ is a wellness technology platform that delivers immersive, nature- based restorative experiences where people live, work and stay. Serving clients across hospitality, multi-family, corporate and private residential markets, Three Sages makes restorative wellness accessible through physical products, content and mobile apps. Learn more at